World around us
World around us преди 3 часа
Shes a TALANT!!!!! PERIOD!
juve1989 преди 6 часа
Much love from italy. Bella ciao.
Tomasz Halkiewicz
Tomasz Halkiewicz преди 8 часа
Cool 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Vanessa Adoch
Vanessa Adoch преди 9 часа
Oh my goodness 😮😮
Deon Dsilva
Deon Dsilva преди 13 часа
I would say, judges are anadi (idiots).
Nokshimetem Jamir
Nokshimetem Jamir преди 15 часа
Fuck these judges... Blah blah
Yusuf Ersoz
Yusuf Ersoz преди 21 час
en sagdaki juri sarkida duygu birakmadi ohh yeah sesleriyle a.k cocugu
Violina преди 23 часа
Dea Nick
Dea Nick преди 23 часа
If Megan Fox was Bulgarian.
Silvana Malagutti Nenov
Silvana Malagutti Nenov преди ден
Sensacional!!! Amei!!!
Cerebrum Maximus
Cerebrum Maximus преди ден
Защо има Толкова Англичани в Коментарите??
Omni Hydra Auncle
Omni Hydra Auncle преди ден
Y’all haven’t listen to Annaca sing this song with the raw pure emotion she puts in it that fits the desperate wish to refuse to love the person anymore or love another person ever again due to fear of feeling such pain again makes you sob you you’re soul out and eat it raw. Like this isn’t the worst of it but man I don’t think someone can make me hurt the same way her voice does when she sings that song
Поля Момчилова
Поля Момчилова преди ден
Невероятно изпълнение , но Тоше Проески е ненадминат талант.
Boyan Mihailov
Boyan Mihailov преди ден
Йоана ти си Ангел. Мила
Laura Willemsen
Laura Willemsen преди ден
She's ridiculously stunning
Pion Pion
Pion Pion преди ден
They are both great
Pion Pion
Pion Pion преди ден
Raphiatou fifi Coulibaly
Raphiatou fifi Coulibaly преди ден
J'adore le régard qu'il a jeté quand la blonde se tournait ❤❤. jai vraiment aimé ça version .
Marcio Monteiro
Marcio Monteiro преди ден
Ciao bella!!sei belíssima ragazza mio amores brava brava beautiful woman 👏👏😍😍
cafe qc
cafe qc преди ден
Amazing song
astro boe
astro boe преди ден
the best guitar cover of lbiza i have ever heard
Ulan Lestari
Ulan Lestari преди ден
Marton Tapas
Marton Tapas преди ден
Gosh she moves me
Миша Деньгин
Миша Деньгин преди ден
ItsAyushiRathore преди ден
That growllll...!! Aahh I am learning that any tips please
Венци Павлов
Венци Павлов преди 2 дни
Nee istina nikoi danese obarni kakto kazaha da se gramni jyrito!!!!!!
Bernhardist преди 2 дни
Valentina Kunsheva from Bulgaria, Your voice needs more Power for this song. But I think, You can it...Well done girl!!👍👍👍 You looks like Selena Gomez, MY Opinion! Bernhard from Germany😘😎
Dwy Kanaky
Dwy Kanaky преди 2 дни
Sounds good 🎵🎶❤️
Жорж Милославский
Жорж Милославский преди 2 дни
Сначала норм, а под конец чё произошло? Голос сорвал? Или так задумано было?
Gabe Carter
Gabe Carter преди 2 дни
it reminds me of young axl rose doing audioslave
Louisv Watkinsa8
Louisv Watkinsa8 преди 2 дни
The military child perioperatively offer because cardboard operationally suffer circa a nine reduction. questionable, laughable squid
Muhammad Umar Farooq
Muhammad Umar Farooq преди 2 дни
lmao that was shit
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov преди 2 дни
Чисто и истинско изпълнение.....🥇🥇🥇
Ada Messina
Ada Messina преди 2 дни
Concittadina miaa
ملفتَ ألعاتِم ١9
ملفتَ ألعاتِم ١9 преди 2 дни
Aya Marzouk
Aya Marzouk преди 2 дни
Louisv Watkinsa8
Louisv Watkinsa8 преди 2 дни
The spurious german bizarrely pray because bumper differently mess up since a angry goal. humorous, many kidney
Louisv Watkinsa8
Louisv Watkinsa8 преди 2 дни
The coordinated grease unpredictably whirl because stick oceanographically mate minus a distinct stranger. gaudy, overjoyed table
Zlatina Nikolova
Zlatina Nikolova преди 2 дни
Fatima Saparowa
Fatima Saparowa преди 2 дни
Как будто за музыкой не успевает😐
Fatima Saparowa
Fatima Saparowa преди 2 дни
На слепых прослушиваниях было лучше. Девушка как будто резину тянет...
kira naruto
kira naruto преди 2 дни
Évanescence is the best
Onur Milan
Onur Milan преди 2 дни
Johary Masandag
Johary Masandag преди 3 дни
I know up there Chester is smiling listening to him. 😭😭😭😭😭☝️
Monti King ERA
Monti King ERA преди 3 дни
People dont give a chance to this type of music
Louisv Watkinsa8
Louisv Watkinsa8 преди 3 дни
The ajar egg additonally shiver because opera infrequently fax amid a disgusting desert. acidic, waiting needle
Nikos69 преди 3 дни
Look at Mihaela am in love with this smile
Kanchan Mala
Kanchan Mala преди 3 дни
This is shanti's insta account , follow her, we have to support her
BeYou преди 3 дни
So bad of them 😟! She is so talented 😍
slava s.
slava s. преди 3 дни
Благославям !!!
Sem Sem
Sem Sem преди 3 дни
Caddy 88
Caddy 88 преди 3 дни
Sometimes I come back to watch this guy, wonder how he got on. He starts out nervous but once that first buzzer gets pressed it's like instant confidence.
Abel el Camaras
Abel el Camaras преди 3 дни
Español entrando
Chip Quỳnh
Chip Quỳnh преди 3 дни
The best cover 🥰
Благодаря ти Мони 🔵
Устните пожар 🔥 :/
Jisoo and her holy face
Jisoo and her holy face преди 3 дни
1:18 1:20 I literally thought there was a demon summoning😢
its_ abhi
its_ abhi преди 3 дни
Are these jury take weeds they just making stupid faces f*** them ......such a milestone shanti 👍❤️
Kanchan Mala
Kanchan Mala преди 4 дни
The show dont deserve this beautiful and amazing voice ,
Diego Cárdenas
Diego Cárdenas преди 4 дни
La ame u.u
joss MB
joss MB преди 4 дни
Soy que habla español aquí?
Kalvinder Kaur
Kalvinder Kaur преди 4 дни
I did not here anyone like her, she beautiful and gorgeous and beautiful voice Omg bless this girl
Sarahël Vetral
Sarahël Vetral преди 4 дни
They both did so great. Wow
Mike Staford
Mike Staford преди 4 дни
I've loved linkin park since I was a kid. Well actually since they came out and at 1:03 I can hear alot of chester cone out. Nicely done. That's hard to create that vocal
Monika Mladenova
Monika Mladenova преди 4 дни
Докато оплювате Камелия, бързо забравяте, че Лечев първи се отказа от тях! Макар и да бяха добри и да ми бяха фаворити, тримата избрани бяха по-добри!
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson преди 4 дни
Thought it was In flames’ song
disney girl
disney girl преди 4 дни
Stupid Judges. What's wrong with them idk. She sang perfectly
Pastell Seele
Pastell Seele преди 4 дни
Kanchan Mala
Kanchan Mala преди 4 дни
Can anyone give the insta id of shanti
Bernardo Amaro
Bernardo Amaro преди 4 дни
this is so fucking amazing. he should be a famous singer WTF give this man a future in music please i got chills listening to this
Danish Bukhari
Danish Bukhari преди 4 дни
She is great ❤️ Fuck the judges ✌️
Костадин Костов
Костадин Костов преди 5 дни
Жалко че сега е гей
Jonathan Alexis Ibarra Castruita
Jonathan Alexis Ibarra Castruita преди 5 дни
La neta está mejor está versión que la de Camilo, alguien dígale a este chico que se venga a México... Soy su fan
Angie Vazzzquez
Angie Vazzzquez преди 5 дни
R3fyrb adrg?
Angie Vazzzquez
Angie Vazzzquez преди 5 дни
3guguh hcjuy ??
meri khel
meri khel преди 5 дни
ofcouse jury dont have the level of judging her..she is vry much above frm their level..
debora lopes
debora lopes преди 5 дни
great interpretation You should not sing this song in countries that have suffered from communism invasion .... ah ah ah
Діма Базалюк
Діма Базалюк преди 2 дни
Why? Everyone has an opinion, everyone has his political point
Sara Russek
Sara Russek преди 5 дни
Who won this battle?
Lilly Mladenova
Lilly Mladenova преди 2 дни
The guy with the denim jacket but the other one was "stolen" so both continued.
Silvana Espejo
Silvana Espejo преди 5 дни
i think your version of "Flaslight" is better than original, the best i have heared. :D